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Transferring Session Files – Studio to Studio

Remote Sessions and Transferring Session Files from Studio to Studio
Q: I’m planning on adding vocal tracks to my beats. What’s the best way of going about it?
Q: I’d like to add another guitar track to my song but I recorded at a different studio…
Q: I want to remix my song without all that reverb…
Q: I want to master my song, but certain elements just don’t fit in the mix no matter what I do…


Audio mastering is the term used to describe the final steps of a project prior to duplication.

Mastering is a process which requires critical listening skills and an “educated ear”.

So that your audio material can sound its absolute best on a wide variety of devices, from ear buds to stadium speakers, the mastering engineer not only uses many tools and techniques but also depends upon an acoustic...

Reference CD’s

If you’ve got expectations about how your music should sound, put together a reference cd before you get to the studio. It will help the engineer’s objectivity and he’ll have a great idea about what you’re trying to achieve. This could be especially helpful if you’re trying to attain a certain tone. Want to emulate John Bonham? It’s not just in the mix...

Studio Policy and other Documents

You may download a copy of our RECORDING STUDIO CONTRACT and studio policy HERE.

Other useful documents are available at the bottom of this page.

Studio Policy

Please don’t hesitate to advise us of any special needs you have and we will make every effort to facilitate you.

Since this is a residential neighborhood, we ask that you do not loiter in the front of the building.


Please park cur...

Studio Preparation Checklist

An awesome studio experience takes a lot of preparation.

If you play an instrument, you’ll want to use absolutely the best equipment available to you.
As the old studio saying goes– “Garbage in, garbage out”.

Do what you can to have your equipment in great working order.
Messing around with poorly maintained gear can take up a lot of studio time and will yield unsatisfactory results.

Before you co...