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MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility – Checksum utility for file verification (Windows)

WinMD5Free – Checksum utility for file verification (Windows)

MD5 2.0 – Checksum utility for file verification (Mac)


EBU 128 Loudness Recommendation

Recording Session with an Edison Wax Cylinder

How to Get Your Band Ready for the Studio Part 1 , Part 2 Digital Show and Tell  –   Waveform Comparison; Analog vs. Digital, Bit Depth, Inter-sample peaks, Dithering  (Technical Video)

Humor and Human Interest:

Melodyne inventor Peter Neubäcker (film portrait)
and more with Peter Neubäcker: Polyphonic Direct Note Access

Life As A Recording Engineer (YouTube)
Alt. link: Life As A Recording Engineer

Creative piano playing with ebow and more: Hauschka Gets The Most Out Of 88 Keys (NPR)

Autotune on PBS NOVA (S04E01)

Drums/Percussion Links:

How To Tune Drums – by DW’s John Good (YouTube)

more John Good Tuning Drums (YouTube)

Drum overhead microphone technique comparison – Matt McGlynn

Recorderman (YouTube)

George Massenburg: miking the drums (YouTube)

Art of Recording Drums – Rich Pagano

Fix Dimpled and Dented Drum Heads (YouTube)

Acoustics – Anechoic:

Total Silence Drives You Crazy

The Anechoic Chamber at BRE

Inside the world’s quietest room


Setting Up Your Bass Guitar – John Carruthers (YouTube) Part 1 Truss Rod, Part 2 Bridge, Part 3 Nut, Part 4 Intonation


Guitar Tone Capacitors   johnplanetz (YouTube)


The “Roadie Wrap” or the Over-Under Method:
How to Coil A Mic Cable   (YouTube)

How to Wrap A Mic Cable (YouTube)

“If you want to go onto a stage and look like an idiot, wrap a cable around your elbow”

Dave Rat – The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 1 (YouTube)
also  Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

On Click Tracks:
In search of the click track
Click Track Detector


How Music Royalties Work  and How Music Royalties Work – Types of Rights and Royalties

Releasing Your Own Record: A Legal Checklist

Music Publishing 101 – NMPA


Harry Fox Agency (Mechanical Licensing)

CMRRA (Mechanical Licensing)

ASCAP Licensing (Performance Licensing)

BMI Licensing FAQ (Performance Licensing)

SESAC Licensing FAQ (Performance Licensing)

What’s in a (band’s) name? – Deli Magazine (Trademarks)

ISRC Codes (Licensing)

Disc Reproduction:

Kunaki CD / DVD manufacturing