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Alembic F-2B Inspired Preamp Clone

I’ve always wanted one of these so I built one.

Until then, I never realized how great sounding and versatile this amp is. It’s now a studio staple. We use it for everything; bass, guitar, organ, DI.

In many ways, it’s the sound of rock and roll. It’s Bootsy Collins, Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, David Gilmour, and Stanley Clarke in a box.

The circuit for this preamp has been around forever...

Curious Voodoo – The Subkick Microphone

The original intent of this article was to provide some sort of comparison between a simple DIY sub-kick, the more elaborate commercial designs and the over-blown DIY sub-kick designs found floating around the internet. That didn’t quite happen.

Since the sub-kick has become an indispensable tool in the studio, I was curious to compare my simplistic, cost-effective approach with the more expensive...

Battle of the Bandwagons – Analog Vs. Digital

Digital audio is brutally clean. Even though it can be sterile and lack character, I think that’s a good thing. Tonal character should not be a byproduct of the recording process. It should be something employed as a tool to define a desired sound when, and only when, it is desired. With the limitations of analog technology, control of the underlying tone is finite...

Dealing with Click Track Bleed

Cheap and Easy Tip of the Day:

A significant amount of click track bleed from the headphones can ruin a take. Use a cheap pair of earbuds or in-ear monitors along with some ear muff hearing protectors. Any bleed will be completely isolated.

Great for recording acoustic instruments, especially singer/songwriters, where bleed normally a concern, this technique also provides exceptional isolation fro...