The heart of our studio is not the equipment or the years we’ve spent gaining experience, it’s the vision of the artists that we bring to life.

Noise Mikers Sound Studio is a creative environment where art meets science. It’s a musical playground for anything audio.

Located in Norwich, Connecticut,  our studio features acoustically engineered rooms– a spacious live room, separate vocal booth/amp room and a comfortable detached control room/lounge.

Our studio is so much more than just a mic and a vocal booth.

You’ll find plenty of classic vintage, custom, and modern gear to make use of in your project while benefiting from over 30 years of professional experience in the music and recording industry.

We hope you’ll choose define your sound in our uniquely designed, hand-built, hand-wired, specially engineered boutique in-home studio.

Originally started as a place for musicians to gather and share music, ideas, and emotions– our hip, no hype, philosophy hasn’t changed at all today. Our studio is the result of a life-long passion and dedication to the world of music.

Specializing in audio production, we excel at the art of tracking, mixing, mastering, magic, and sometimes even mischief.

Relaxed Comfortable Environment.

Climate Controlled.

Clean, comfortable and secure.

Always Free coffee, bottled water, and even guitar picks.

Rates are flexible and we’ll trade our services for gear and maybe even just for fun, so check us out! We support starving artists.